Reverse Osmosis System
Technical Specifications
Features Measuring unit Value
Production of permeate by single membrane l/min 4 - 6
Production of concentrate by a single membrane l/min 8-16
Working pressure bar 7 - 12
Power consumption kW 1,1-2,3
Power parameters Ph/V/Hz 3/400/50
Dimensions WxHxD mm 800 х 1550 х 765

Reverse Osmosis is designed to produce demineralized water. Subsequently, water that is produced by reverse osmosis can be used for car rinsing and the production of auto shampoo. Our reverse osmosis systems are designed specifically for car washes.

The design of the system is simplified, compared to systems for drinking water and requires less attention. Therefore the system is reliable and easily maintained. A stainless steel frame and pumps with a power reserve ensure a long service life for the equipment.

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