The business model that will bring profit

We offer:

  • Сотрудничество с самой крупной сетью АМС России
  • Готовый автомоечный комплекс «под ключ»
  • Расходные материалы по внутренним ценам
  • Передовую автоматизированную систему управлении

You get:

  • Готовый бизнес в рекордные сроки
  • Дистанционное управление бизнесом на всех этапах
  • Программу модульной модернизации
  • Маркетинговую поддержку от раскрученного бренда
  • Гарантированно прибыльный бизнес


number of franchises

140 r

average check

1 yr. 6 m.

payback period of

5:15 minutes

average car wash time

over 16 million

washed cars
Our suggestion
Cooperation with a large
and recognizable
AMS network
Marketing support
and assistance
in promoting AMS
Turnkey car
wash complex
customer base
at domestic prices
Unique monitoring
system Car Wash
No lump sum payment
Readily available performance standards for AMS
Access to online monitoring system
the quality control
Staff training
for customers
(IOS, Android, Huawei)
Ability to serve
personal time
Loyalty program
MOY-KA! DS more than
140,000 customers across Russia
Special price
for the purchase of
chemicals and components
Support measures

Prepared quality standards

  • AMF appearance standards
  • service quality standards
  • staff visit for business process tweaking (chargeable)
  • condition standards

Supporting the quality assurance department

  • control of the company's quality standards
  • free round-the-clock customer hotline
  • monthly reporting on mystery shopper inspections
  • processing of client requests from hotlines, social networks, geoservices

Marketing Support

  • ready-made website with up-to-date information and news 
  • social media promotion
  • opening promotion 
  • development of federal actions within the network
  • development of local actions taking into account the peculiarities of the regional market
  • authorization on GEO-services, maintenance of
  • Recommendations and cases for promoting self-service washes and robot washes
  • Market analysis for attracting new clients, allowing to determine the channels of distribution of advertising and recommendations of services


  • Provide: Employee selection algorithm; Job descriptions; Questionnaires; Tests; Contracts
  • Methodological guidelines have been developed: workbooks and logs of routine work, allowing for quick and effective training of employees
  • Initial training and certification of personnel 4 days

Loyalty system

  • a systematized database of clients visiting a particular AMS, more than 140,000 clients across Russia. 
  • Opportunity to interact with clients who have been to your AMS
  • Ability to serve corporate clients 
  • Ability to generate reports on transactions, clients, etc.
  • Increased profits due to returning customers
Loyalty system
Consumables at domestic prices
from 15%
Spare parts and components at a discount from 15% (for the entire franchise term)
from 15%
Autochemicals with discount from 15% (for the whole franchise term)
Effective car chemicals
Unique composition of auto chemicals, in-house production
Large innovative production
The chemical laboratory develops a unique composition suitable for car wash facilities with care for the equipment, ensuring the best result with a production capacity of 900 tons per year
Corrosion protection
The unique chemical composition of the chemistry ensures slowing down or prevention of corrosion processes on car wash equipment due to highly effective inhibitors
The company's staff has chemists-technologists of the highest category under the supervision of candidate of chemical sciences
Quality assurance
Automotive chemicals are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards
Processing of requests in 1 hour, delivery in Central Russia in 1-3 working days
The bright palette of the car shampoo line will make the process of car care more pleasant and exciting
Our production
car wash manager
Online monitoring system
Access to our monitoring system allows our franchisees to maintain full analytics on their facility.
ith access to Car Wash Manager you can:
  • control all monetary transactions on the AMS
  • calculate the average check by analyzing spending for each customer
  • lead AMF staff shifts
  • AMF sales
  • get extended access to the technical block for maintenance and control of chemical consumption, adjustment of consumption rates, accounting of pressure readings on the devices, sludge level measurement
Mobile app
Implementing a mobile application on AMS
is a guaranteed increase in customer loyalty.
  • quick and convenient "login" to the Personal Area
  • CASHBACK on car wash and bonuses from partners up to 30%
  • quick start of the washer
  • quick and convenient top-up via the app
  • current news and promotions from the company
  • a single personal account with the ability to track the status of your account
  • all relevant information about AMS in one place (loyalty program, number of posts, online-translation).
Terms of cooperation.
Self-service car wash

You get the right to use our trademark, no lump sum.

  • 0 р. (Lump sum = 0)
  • 5 000 р./post - (royalty 5 000 р./post)
Collaboration terms and conditions. Robot
from 2 500 000 p.
robotic washing cost
  • 0 р. (Lump sum = 0)
  • 25 000 р./month (royalty for 1 robot 25 000 rub./month)
Fast rates of return
See for yourself
Working with major companies
Our geography
Talovaya, 3 posts
Penzenskaya obl, Kuzneck, 6 posts
Kalach, 5 posts
Vladimirskaya obl, Kol'chugino, pos. Belaya rechka, 5 postov
Kohma, Ivanovskaya oblast', 4 posts
Rostovskaya obl., Semikarakorsk, 5 postov
Klin, 4 post
Penza, 22 posts
Astrahan, 7 posts
Vladimir, 5 posts
Kazan, 26 posts
Voronezh, 14 posts
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