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"MOY-KA! DS Business" - a self-service car wash manufacturer

The car wash business requires considerable physical and financial costs from the owner. Realizing this, we have chosen a modern and effective way of development for self-service car washes.

Cooperation with the American brand D&S allowed us to combine their 11 years of experience and innovations adapted to the Russian market.

Our company produces equipment using the large-node assembly technology, which gives a full guarantee of the quality of the equipment. We make the car wash business simpler by offering ready-made integrated solutions.

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More than 55
self-service car washes
11 years
of experience of manufacturing
units per month production capacity

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People are talking about us

"MOY-KA! DS Business» Russia

People are talking about us

«MOY-KA! DS Business» Russia

Today "MOY-KA! DS Business is a manufacturing giant that has gone from one car wah to the largest chain of car washes in Russia.

Cooperation between the USA and Russia makes the equipment "MY-KA! DS Business" is highly profitable. The end customer is satisfied with the result and returns to the car wash regularly!

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