Equipment Lineup
Self Service Pet Wash
  • A warm container with panoramic glazing.
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Seven different washing programs (including the conditioner and blow dryer)
  • A comfortable bath, will allow you to bathe your pet and stay clean.
Vacuum cleaner PREMIUM
  • One Bay vacuum cleaner
  • AISI 316 stainless steel futuristic case
  • Breakdowns notification (vacuum and temperature sensors send data to "CarWash")
  • The ergonomic rotary console will allow you to conveniently vacuum two parked cars.
  • Thanks to a three-phase turbine and a frequency converter (rarefaction up to 320 mBar), the vacuum cleaner is able to achieve unprecedented suction power.
Stainless steel sink
  • Stainless steel sink with foot hydraulic shutter.
  • Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • The patented design of the foot hydraulic shutter allows the water to flow at subzero temperatures
Steel Structure
  • Strong steel structure formed from galvanized or alloyed steel.
  • Well-established business processes and 100% effectiveness.
Vacuum cleaner Standard
  • A self-service single-bay vacuum cleaner with the function of accepting money, loyalty cards, and CarWash online monitoring.
  • The Standard model can easily be fitted into any size vacuum zone, due to its minimum dimensions (base area: 49x30 cm)
  • Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • The ergonomic rotary console will allow you to conveniently vacuum two parked cars.
  • Thanks to a three-phase turbine and a frequency converter (rarefaction up to 315 mBar), the vacuum cleaner is able to achieve unprecedented suction power.
Advertising Banner
  • Durable composite material.
  • Three-dimensional structures with illumination.
  • LED backlight contour.
Management / Franchise
  • Become part of the largest self-service car wash chain in Russia
  • Well-established business processes and 100% effectiveness.
Transaction Terminal
  • Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Piezoelectric buttons for selection of washing programs.
  • Reliable industrial controller from “OVEN”.
Bay accessories
  • High-pressure hoses, Rotary couplings, Spray guns, brushes.
  • Ergonomic consoles 3600
  • Soap mixing collectors that reduce the switching time between different washing programs up to 5 sec.
Large truck bay frame
  • Strong structure made from galvanized alloy steel.
  • Arrangement of LED lights on two sides of the car for better visibility
  • A T-shaped configuration without additional supports reduces the maneuvering of cargo transport.

What equipment is needed for a self- service car wash?

Foremost, self-service car wash equipment includes a pumping station, which is made of a metal frame on which all the necessary equipment is installed. Units included in the power unit:

  • High pressure device - main mechanism supplying water
  • High pressure hoses are used to supply water.
  • Dosing device - the mechanism allows you to control the density of shampoo that will be used in washing.
  • Low pressure lines and low pressure pumps are designed for foam washing.
  • Water and foam pistols, pistol mounts.
  • Water tank - The choice of volume depends on the number of car wash bays Control terminal.
  • Control cable kit
  • Rotary consoles - indispensable assistants for washing trucks - simplify and accelerate the washing process.

Get “Moy-KA DS Business” car wash equipment

DS Business presents you with a wide range of configurations for car washing equipment: from basic (for those who have just decided to open their own car wash business) to premium ones with a vast range of programs and additional functions:

  1. The Space is an ideal solution for optimizing the space, as well as your investments when opening a car wash.
  2. Business - is a premium package of equipment, into the creation of which we have invested many years of experience and used industry's latest innovations and technologies. The Business equipment package utilizes the accessories from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as CAT Pumps, Danfoss, Naval, R+M, Schneider Electric, etc.

DS Business company carries out installation of boiler equipment for car washes and wastewater treatment systems. We also offer additional equipment for upgrading self- service car washes:

  • 1 Bay Vacuum Cleaner “Standard”
  • 1 Bay Vacuum Cleaner “Premium”
  • 2 Bay Vacuum Cleaner
  • Water softening kit
  • Reverse osmosis installation
  • Reverse osmosis installation
  • Money exchange machine


Certificates and Patents
All manufactured equipment is certified and complies with the EAC standards. The technology of obtaining a finely dispersed emulsion is patented, which is confirmed by the Russian patent for the invention. Several unique modules, details, and technological development schemes are also patented.
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What our customers say
Stopchenko Kirill
Saint Petersburg, Gatchina, Tyarlevo, Murmansk
Very democratic company - I can call directly to the manufacturing director. Always listen and help.
We have been cooperating with D&S for several years. They build quickly and efficiently, they even worked in Murmansk during winter! Moreover, when we had a need for non-standard equipment, the company developed an individual set with a strengthened structure and expanded functionality for our needs! Unfortunately, there was a minor issue: because of incorrect settings, we received incorrect data from the car wash for a whole year. It's good that we noticed! To be fair, after contacting the technical support service everything was immediately fixed. Very democratic company - I can call directly to the manufacturing director. Always listen and help.
Matevosyan Romeo
Yakutsk, Pokrovskoye highway
After 3 months from the moment I spoke to the sales department, the equipment was already delivered to me.
I bought the D&S equipment almost by accident: I found information on the web, contacted the sales manager, and purchased the Base equipment for a three-bay car wash. After 3 months, I have already received it. And then a blow: I found out that there is no "Foam" program in my configuration! At the same time nearby, there was a Wave-s car wash, which had a foam option and higher water pressure… Well, what did I do - I had to explain to Yakut vehicle owners that the emulsion is more effective than foam, and pressure is not the most important thing in our business. One month later, there was a hundred-meter queue for my car wash! Special thanks to the support service: I called the guys both on weekends and in the evenings, they always patiently listened to my problems and wishes and helped me. I am pleased to work with D&S, and this year I bought another washing bay.